Hotel Irma
Hotel Irma
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2 Stars

Hotel Irma

Playa de la Madera S/N
P.O. Box 4
Zihuatanejo, Mexico 40880

Charming hotel built into a cliff, overlooking Zihuatanejo Bay. This authentic Mexican-style property features amazing views and a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for soaking up the Mexican sunshine and culture.

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Distance from Airport: Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport (ZIH) - 15 minute drive
Distance from beach: The hotel is on a cliff overlooking the ocean and the bay of Zihuatanejo. The beach is a 5 minute walk from the hotel. There is a walking path with stairs that leads directly to the beach.
Distance from downtown: 10 minute walk to downtown Zihuatanejo and a 10 minute drive to Ixtapa
Location transportation options: Taxi
Car rentals at hotel: Can be arranged
Parking: Yes, no charge

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